Geoff Fairgrieve

Geoff Fairgrieve


Geoff’s career in recruitment started in January 2008, joining a well-established engineering & technology recruitment firm fresh out of university. A combination of world-class training, a personable approach and lots of hard work allowed him to build close business relationships with many companies in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence & Motorsport markets, some of whom he’s worked with nearly his whole career.

Following 5 promotions over 12 years, Geoff left the position of Department Manager to co-find Tech Connect Group, motivated by a strong urge to put customer service back at the heart of the recruitment mind-set. He is dedicated to serving his clients, candidates and the industry, particularly innovative ways to attract the next generation to his sectors via STEM, academy and apprenticeship programs.

Outside of work Geoff is kept in check by the 4 ladies in his life; wife, 2 daughters and giant dog (Newfoundland – pictures on request!). He still finds time however to fulfil his lifelong passions for football, rugby and cricket, as well as mountain biking, trail running and obstacle course racing.