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The delayed implementation of the IR35 reforms until April 2021 is likely to be a welcome reprieve for companies and contractors across the UK.

Even businesses that have established changes already will have the opportunity to assess the new working practices over the coming months, without the threat of a challenge being made.

​Either way, the extension affords all of us the time to gradually implement robust and compliant contingency worker policies so that businesses can continue to engage contractors outside of IR35, should they so wish.

Luckily for us, our suite of company and contractor support services was geared towards doing this already - now we have more time to work with our customers to ensure they're fully prepared for next year. Get in touch to find out more:

Company Support

We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s most renowned IR35 legislation experts, accountancy firms and engineering service providers to offer businesses a full suite of IR35 solutions. These include:

  • Contractor auditing / status determinations

  • IR35 compliant consultancy contracts

  • Statements of work

  • Insurance that indemnifies the entire supply chain

  • PAYE & FCSA accredited Umbrella payroll solutions for contractors

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Contractor support

As a contractor, it is important you understand the impact the new IR35 reforms will have on your working practices so we’ve put together a suite of solutions designed to educate, prepare and support contractors through the legislation changes occurring on April 6th 2020;

  • Contractor IR35 insurance

  • IR35 compliant consultancy contracts

  • PAYE & FCSA accredited Umbrella payroll solutions

  • Contractor rate calculator

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